“You can’t go back and change the beginning, but you can start where you are and change the ending.”

Bosqman started in 2015, on aprils foolsday, at least that was the intention. But early march 2015 we were already active. Since that day, we did never had a lost day.

Having a broad experience in static and rotating equipments, my mission is to make my klowledge profitable to the industry. My focus has always been on the management of quality.

I, as founder of BosQman, have nearly 40 years experience in management of quallity in the oil and gas industry.

The experience covers design reviews, defining quality planning, quality control, (welding) non-destructive examinations, certification of products QC and Q management systems, etc.

My base line is to identify (qualify) risks and develop a plan to manage those risks.

Sometimes that means to develop a training program or work instructions. In other situations it means qualification of people and processes.

Goal is that the product, which leaves the company is meeting clients requirements and the requirements listed in the applicable code and standards, whether it is a heating boiler or a gas compressor or a gas turbine, and whatever is in between.


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